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New(ish) fic! Vampires! Vicars! Monsters discussing ethics!

This story has been online a few weeks already, but things have been very busy since then, so I didn't get around to announcing it properly. Also, I went back and edited this thing several times since posting, and only as of the latest edit has it begun feeling "finished" to me. 

So! This is still for the Fandom That Is Barely a Fandom, The Laundry Files. 

CLICK HERE if you‘re interested in:

- monsters discussing ethics

- doing the right thing for the wrong reasons

- doing the wrong thing for the right reasons

- grossly inaccurate applications of the Trolley Problem

- awkward manipulation attempts

- dehumanised and instrumentalised people convincing others to be dehumanised and instrumentalised too

- decent people enabling authoritarianism

- anagnorisis. So much anagnorisis.

Some fandom background for the curious behind the cut. Spoilers, obviously.

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angsty, best angst ever

New fic! In a fandom nobody cares about!

Title: Eldritch Things

Fandom: The Laundry Files

Characters: Bob's dad, Spooky the cat, Bob (in absentia), Mo, Bob's mom (mentioned)

Summary: The father of the guy we know as "Bob Howard", cat-sitting, reacting (allergically), worrying, wondering.


Isn't that essentially the FS story you published earlier this year? ... Kind of? There wasn't a cat in that, though?

So how long did it take you to write that, MacSlow? - Not much longer than a year, actually. It's pretty sloppy. (And I think I may have lifted at least one bit of cat description more or less directly from the source, but I couldn't find the relevant bit in the books so I've left it in for now; will change it if I discover it really *is* too close for comfort to the original.)

Will there be more? - Yes, probably. I have a pretty serious longfic bunny in this fandom that has progressed to "fairly detailed outline for ten chapters" stage now.

Is there even a fandom there? - Not... really? I'm working on it? (*whispers* join meeeeeeee....) I should really comment on the very little fic that there is - but now that I've just posted some fic, it would look like fishing for reviews. :-/
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New fic! (I thought dreamwidth crossposted this here but apparently not)

It's been a week now since I posted the new LoM fic to AO3, and I somehow overlooked that it didn't crosspost here properly from my dreamwidth blog. Shame on me! In my defence, I spent most of that time with extremely limited internet access, and LJ wasn't accessible to me.

Anyway! Here's the fic! It's been a week and I still like it! Yay!

Tilting at the Wind

It's about Maya, Sam, and death. So, my usual cheerful fare.
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Couple newish Farscape fics (nothing spectacular, though) on AO3 since I was here last.

(I've been trying to make an effort to finish more of my old stuff, even the not so great stuff, because I really hate having that many unfinished things clogging up my writing folder.)

Also, I'm looking for a beta for a Life on Mars fic. I have no idea if anyone is still checking this blog... but if you are, and if you would be willing to beta something, hit me up! Samples of my LoM writing can be found at the above address, too - check out "The MAD Doctrine" as the most recent.
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I've given in.

General casual fandom blogging now happening here:

Compartmenalising Hmpf @ tumblr

Longer text posts may still appear here on dw and lj occasionally. Certainly any needs-to-be-flocked, kinda-personal stuff will, as well as alerts when I post new fic. But the casual stuff's on tumblr now. I'm sorry. :-(

I kinda hate tumblr, but I'm logged in there 24/7 because it's still one of the better sources of Radiohead news; may as well do my non-Radiohead blogging there, too, for the time being.
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Worldcon 2017 in Helsinki

(Gonna reply to your replies soon, just had a very busy few days...)

Is anyone here planning to attend the 2017 Worldcon in Helsinki? The membership rates are about to go up, on Feb. 14, so if you're planning to go, now would be the time to sign up! I'm going to do so this week, I think (still need to check some stuff at work before I do, though).
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I don't think I have been this excited about fic since I first discovered it in 1998.

I just named my brand new fic download folder "FIC! OMG FIC!" It just felt natural.
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I was busy reading all the Doctor Who fic but then it suddenly occurred to me that I've never seriously checked out Twin Peaks fic, ever, so I went and read all of that, and now I urgently have to make a definitive recs post but don't have the time.

The joy of coming back to reading fanfiction after a long pause is finding that since you last checked any archive, a million new stories have been posted...
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And of course, by not sleeping right now

I've already ensured that I'll be a sleep-deprived zombie at work tomorrow, and a complete wreck after work, so I won't be in any state to be creative or social throughout the entire day either.

Which is basically what happens all the time. I'm rarely well-rested, and usually a wreck after work.