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All About Hmpf

Apocalypse, fandom, and kittens

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8 August 1976
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I'm not really here.

Well, or at least I'm not really reading LJ at the moment, and haven't been for a year and a half, two years or so. Real Life got busy, I lost touch (with pretty much everyone, not just LJ peeps), and I haven't been able to get back up to date yet. The backlog is a bit daunting. There's also the issue that RL is still busy, and I'm having issues with keeping up on several fronts of my life at the moment.

You may friend me but unless I know you already I'm probably not going to friend you back because, as noted above, I'm already quite incapable of keeping up with my flist - no point in adding to the problem.

Needless to say, my blogging is somewhat limited at the moment, too.

Still, here's who I am, for LJ purposes - i.e., the areas of my life you're likely to encounter in my short blurbs and occasional longer ramblings from the midst of the chaos of my life:

- I'm a fan. Main active fandoms: Life on Mars (since 2006), Farscape (since 2000), Highlander, or rather Methos (since 1998). I read fic, I write fic, I watch and collect vids, I rec. Occasionally.
- I'm slow. Especially at writing fic. And - obviously - at catching up with LJ.
- I'm an environmentalist, becoming steadily more active.
- I'm a theoretical goldsmith. ;-) Meaning, I do not work much in the trade at the moment; but I do intend to find a space for goldsmithing in my life again. (Yes, I am a pro. But it's been so long since I last worked regularly at it that I'm afraid I've forgotten most of what I knew.)
- I'm a comic fan. This is my favourite comic: http://www.lightspeedpress.com. I have written my MA thesis about it.
- I like (as in: *really* like) beautiful, exploration-based games. I have recently started building one, using the level editor that comes with Knytt Stories.
- I like angst. This is my main focus in fandom.
- I like world building. This is my main focus in most of my non-fannish media consumption.
- I probably really like you, even if I'm not keeping in touch properly.

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